Cat(s) rule(s)

In my continued efforts at procrastination instead of sorting pictures [yes, I know that post is from April and I haven’t done much since then, shush!] I’ve decided to tackle the much smaller amount of documents, letters, pdf’s and random notepad notes instead. Only a few hundred uncategorised ones there!

Among random started blogposts, some of which might even see the light of day after all, there were many phone numbers, links, appointments from a year ago, hints for games and this. Now I don’t know who wrote this or where I got it from. By all means I could have written it at some point!

  • Best way to catch a fly is to sit on the floor meowing at it. It is obviously far more effective than any other method.
  • Just because a cat enjoys being stroked in some place, for example the belly, one day doesn’t mean that will be the case the next one.
  • Cats look cutest when they’ve just woken up.
  • Tickling a sleeping cat with its own tail will incur the wrath of said cat and it will continue stare until stroked long enough.
  • The fight for the sofa or anything else comfortable is destined to be lost by humanity. This also ties in with:
  • Whenever any human, particularly owners discover something new, it automatically becomes the most wanted thing for any cat.
  • If a cat wants to have attention it is to have attention from the moment it desires.


It’s been just over a month since Arthur arrived. Having him here has been interesting and full of conflict which isn’t his fault, but more his reason for being here and the obligations that come with it. And his problem with me sleeping isn’t helping either as I generally only get four hours before he either has to sleep somewhere close to my head, play with something loudly or meow.

At the same time he is incredibly affectionate and loving which is something that he’s never done before at his previous house where I’ve known him for years. This is somehow causing additional issues with his owners who are more than a little put off by his behaviour change.

All of the above applies to him perfectly!

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