Lots of walking in either great or grey weather [Week 4] – #carocat2017

  • One of my favourite pictures I’ve taken in a while – walking along the Weser on Sunday. Just look at that sky! 22/365
  • The difference a day makes – view to the hidden Klüt hill on Monday vs the day before. 23/365
  • Many shades of grey! 24/365
  • Trying to inject colour into dreary weathered days through the means of fruits! 25/365
  • I really like the sentiment behind this [though wish it wasn’t an advert for cigarettes..]! 26/365
  • I’m in my 30s and still amazed by stunning sunsets [some sunrises, too]. Will I ever tire of seeing something like this? 27/365
  • Panoramic views over #Hameln from the Klüt hill from last Saturday. More pictures. 28/365

I managed to get in a lot of walking this week: 103k steps over 69km. I went up the Klüt hill twice and blogged about it here and here.

The weather was mixed between really dark grey skies all day [the 24th picture was taken during mid-afternoon, it never really got much brighter that day!] and amazing weather, such as the 28th when I went up the Klüt.

I really love the 22nd picture and I’ve now used it for my Twitter header, too.

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