Food and other things [Week 6] – #carocat2017

  • The opening of The Stalker which drew me in straight away. Full review here. 36/365
  • Dinner: cheesey bread with [colourless!] bruschetta and vegetarian fried thing. Pretty good, picture doesn’t do justice! 37/365
  • Probably my favourite food in the world: homemade savoy cabbage rolls or, in German, Kohlrouladen. 38/365
  • Having this much lipbalm is only a problem if I call it one, right? 36/365
  • Mini chocolate things. 40/365
  • It’s -3°C with an icy east wind, but this guy clearly wants fresh fish. Crazy! 41/365
  • Frozen tropical fruit mix is a recent favourite of mine. 42/365

There was some surprise snow early in the week. Surprise snow, because it wasn’t predicted and, even after it fell overnight, the weather report didn’t mention it. The grounds were still cold from the subzero temperatures the previous weeks and so it froze up a bit.

The pictures are mostly food because there wasn’t really much else to take a picture of. “Oh look, here’s me at the laptop” or “Here I am reading yet another book on my Kindle” wouldn’t really do either!

I’ve been really tired all week, going to bed early and not reading for once as that would usually keep me awake quite late. Instead I’ve been watching the same episode of Midsomer Murders [Who killed Cock Robin] for about a week now as I generally only make it a few minutes in before falling asleep. Sure, it’s not ideal, but right now it works and I’ve never turned down a winning sleeping formula. Long may it continue!

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