Snow and some travelling [Week 3] – #carocat2017

  • Sunrise after snowfall is usually quite pretty. 15/365
  • Snow covered old cemetery in #Hameln. 16/365
  • Pieces of the Berlin wall on the #Giessen train station square, adapted by art collective. More info here. 17/365
  • The ‘oh crap, I can’t use any other pictures for my daily picture as they include people not on the internet’ picture. 18/365
  • Snowy landscapes near Göttingen. [Yes, that’s train window glare] 19/365
  • I’d been looking for a small bag to store cables etc for travel for ages. Found it at @FlyingTigerDe. I love the slogan! 20/365
  • Realising late in the evening that I’ve not been wearing my Fitbit all day. 21/365

I went down to Hessen on the train for a few days this week to catch up with a friend. There was even more snow there than here and the countryside visible from the train was magical.

I only spent a little bit of time in Giessen and don’t think I had ever been there before. The town centre was an odd mix of shops and felt a bit disjointed and the shopping centre felt very soulless. I think I expected a bit more seeing it’s a well-known university town though it’s also possible that I didn’t give it enough of a chance perhaps.

I can’t remember the last time I’d seen my friend, we both did the mental maths on that and came up with 2014 though I think it may have been before that. Our friendship is different in the sense that we’ve never kept constant contact and have gone many months without speaking, but everything feels completely natural when we do meet up or talk.

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