The Klüt hill in Hameln

klut-panoramaClick for full sized image.

On Saturday I went up the Klüt hill in Hameln. I had tried to the previous weekend, but a mix of bad weather and it being too late in the day meant I had only made it halfway then. Overall the trip was 15km over 22k steps. The actual part around the hill was 5.4km and I was out of the house for around five hours.

klut-roundtripThe path up was incredibly steep and halfway up I questioned my wisdom of walking up the very steep ‘shortcut’ which was still completely snowed in instead of, you know, taking the sensible longer way. Just below the tower I did actually loose my footing and did a bit of a clumsy climb holding on to snow with my hands. It’s one of those ‘you need to have been there to understand’ kind of moments. I think this path would be lovely with no snow and am looking to go up it again then. Otherwise, it actually is dangerous and, seeing how I am not an expert at this, I really shouldn’t have done it as I could have seriously harmed myself all for having a shorter walk.

View towards Pyrmont The view from the top is breathtaking on both sides and the sunshine on the day was gorgeous plus there was enough crisp white untouched snow to turn everything into some kind of winter wonderland. The tower and the walkway were restored a few years back and are pretty and apparently the tower is open during some summer days. There’s also a hotel next to it which is currently between owners. Waking up to these views would be surreal!

The Klüt tower and a walkway

There are meant to be some remnants from an old fort around the tower and the overall area, however, due to the snow I couldn’t see that nor any historical monuments. The snow, whilst nice and pretty, isn’t great for seeing things like that!

Walking away from the tower is a long road to the Forsthaus Finkenborn which is a country pub/restaurant next to a massive playground which had over 30 children playing there on the day. There is also a section with several outdoor climbing walls. From there is another long and winding road back down the hill.

There are a lot of info panels around paths about the trees, upkeep, history, and animal life aimed at both children and adults. It was a little bit too cold to read them all, but there’d be enough up there for more than one trip. I really liked that the area was clearly looked after well.

There are a few other hills around here plus a lot of the Klüt that I didn’t get to see and I’m looking forward to exploring all of that!

These are some of the pictures I took in the order of the walk. There are also pictures of the lower section of the hill on last week’s post.

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