Birds, ducks, skies, and boats [Week 1] – #carocat2017

  • Stunning sunset on New Year’s day. 1/365
  • I got many problems, but a lack of books on my Kindle isn’t one of them! 2/365
  • More birds than The Birds plus a beached boat. Random discoveries! 3/365
  • The Tolkien and the Loth Lorien seen in Hamburg’s harbour city. Fitting for the day after JRR’s birthday! 4/365
  • Chasing the dusk across frozen fields. 5/365
  • One of the coolest postcards I’ve ever received – the sides fold up into a 3D frame! 6/365
  • Have you got your ducks in a row? Partially frozen stream leaves little space for them. #7/365

I take enough pictures, but I don’t ever really collect them. To be able to do this over a year and have the records of it is something I’ve always wanted to do so I’m yet again giving it another shot.

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