Halfway up the Klüt in Hameln!

Click here for full-size image.

Going up the Klüt has always been a goal of mine, even as a little kid. But I’ve never been much of a walker and there’s no public transport up there so I’ve never been there.

The Klüt isn’t actually that high up – apparently it’s just 258m high and has a tower, a currently-between-owners hotel, a restaurant a little further away, a climbing wall, and some leftover historical fort and armaments.

I made it about halfway up today, underestimating the amount of snow there would still be in the woods. Some parts had about 30cm and it was very slippery in parts. I also don’t have waterproof shoes! I saw a lot of steep paths, a monument, and an already quite stunning view over Hameln.

Next time I’ll make sure the snow is cleared first!

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